It’s all about … optimising your text

For us, review means to give your text a linguistic overhaul.  We iron out and ensure correct:

• punctuation • grammar • spelling
• syntax • formatting • spacing
• consistent use of terminology• tone of voice
• suitability • table of content • cross references

• headings • captions and table headings

We also check division of words in ready-to-print texts and, of course, we only make preferential changes according to our client agreement.

You may require a review if you have written a text yourself in Danish or in English and would like an overhaul of the linguistic errors.  Or if your text was written by more than one person, you may also require a linguistic review to ensure coherency throughout the text.

Irrespective of the starting point, you are ensured that following our review, your text, will be flawless.  This will ensure that your message will be as clear as day and free from any discrepancies.


Please contact us for more information on the review of your texts.

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