Joan is the eagle eye of the company.  Over the past 14 years as a proofreader and reviewer in the localisation industry, she has developed a true x-ray vision and can spot discrepancies from a mile away.  She has been certified as a proofreader and reviewer of Danish texts and therefore, Joan is responsible for quality assurance as well as workflow optimisation.  Joan is obsessed when it comes to quality.  She does not stop until the phrasing is precise, the message is clear, and the customer is satisfied.

Joan specialises within the fields of IT and telecommunications.  For the past 5 years she has been in charge of, and appointed, terminologist for the Danish terminology used by one of the world’s largest IT providers.  Joan is a state-authorised translator with an MA in English for Special Purposes and a BA in Spanish for Special Purposes.  Before she landed in the localisation industry, she worked in a Danish IT consultancy company.

Joan is a real bookworm and a true football fan, with a soft spot for both Silkeborg IF and Tottenham Hotspurs!  On the home turf, she is married to Jan and has three children, Cecilie, Jacob and Frederik.

Christina is the creative spirit of the company. Her command of language is out of this world and she is spot on – both as a localiser and as a copywriter.  Generally, Christina’s approach is very graphical and she sees pictures and symbols where nobody else has even considered looking. Christina is responsible for the external communication and marketing activities of the company.

Christina specialises within the fields of law, finance and medicine. More specifically, she is experienced in building the methodology and terminology of a subject area. Christina is a state-authorised translator with an MA in English for Special Purposes and a BA in French for Special Purposes. She has worked as a localiser, proofreader and reviewer for 12 years in the localisation industry.

Christina comes from a city called Frederikshavn in Denmark – this means that her pronunciation may be a bit quaint, but fortunately her written expression is flawless! When Christina is not juggling with tortuous English phrasing or concocting a catchy ad text, she is rebuilding her house, out swimming, taking photos and designing jewellery. She is married to Jacob and the mother of Victor and Naja. Recently she became a mother of Mischa the cat as well…

Maibrit sees the big picture of the company. As Project Manager, she takes pride in having a detailed and candid conversation with our customers. She adds structure, ensures that deadlines are met and sees all jobs through to the end. When you call us, you are most likely to catch Maibrit on the phone.

Maibrit’s specialty is finding the right person for the job, and for this she uses her vast recruiting experience, as well as her extensive network of localisers and reviewers from all over the world. Some of Maibrit’s strengths are copywriting and localisation within the areas of human resource, management and marketing. Maibrit is a state-authorised translator with an MA in English for Special Purposes and a BA in German for Special Purposes. Furthermore, she has a graduate diploma in business administration. Maibrit has 12 years’ experience as a localiser, project manager, researcher and Resource Manager, both in and outside the localisation industry.

Maibrit was born in Aarhus, Denmark, but Norwegian blood is also running thick through her veins. She is crazy about everything to do with France, French cuisine and wines! If she is not running about in her trainers, she is likely to be playing the piano or conceiving more or less (in)appropriate slogans. At home, Maibrit is the mother of 4 merry men: Christian, Magnus, husband Torben and the Maine Coon cat Diego.

Marie is the sharp cookie of the company and with an education in communication and English for Special Purposes she performs magic when localising, proofreading and copywriting. With an educational profile in communications focusing on both internal and external communication, Marie strengthens WordPilots’ palette of products, especially when it comes to copywriting and language revision.

Marie specialises in telecommunications, IT, technical texts, as well as marketing. And if some legal texts should come her way, she will still be on her home ground as she can use her experience from working as a translator at a well-reputed solicitor’s office. Marie is a state-authorised translator with an MA in English for Special Purposes and a BA in International Business Communications.

Marie is our doughty darling from Struer in Western Jutland but not to worry, she has already learned that nouns may be of different gender. She is one of the world’s biggest Harry Potter fans, a keen concert-goer and avid visitor of music festivals all over the country. Besides dancing, Marie loves her home-grown herbs and Thomas, her own personal super hero.

Trine is the technical whizz of the company. Besides being a skilled localiser and proofreader, she has a flair for technical details and resolves even the most complicated challenges in relation to various localisation application software that we use on a daily basis.

Trine specialises in marketing, IT, medicine and technical texts and she is a very experienced proofreader. Trine is a state-authorised translator with an MA in English for Special Purposes and a BA in Spanish for Special Purposes. She has 10 years of experience in handling words and phrases from both the medical and translation industry.

Trine was born and raised in the countryside just outside the town of Horsens which explains her great love of animals. In her spare time she stays fit exercising, enjoying  boxing, cross fitness and running! In addition she loves to read and conjure up culinary treasures in the kitchen for friends, family and her boyfriend Lars.

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