It’s all about … selecting the right language

Our speciality is localisation in the language pair English-Danish/Danish-English.  In addition, we have partners worldwide and we offer, among others, localisation into the following languages:

Arabic • Chinese • Czech • Danish • Dutch • English • Estonian
• Finnish • French • German • Greek • Greenlandic • Hebrew 
• Hungarian • Icelandic • Italien • Japanese • Korean
• Latvian • Lithuanian • Malay • Norwegian • Polish
• Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Slovak 
• Slovenian • Spanish • Swedish 
• Turkish 

If you need a translation into a language not listed here, please contact us – we will find a solution tailored for your needs too.

All our co-pilots naturally comply with our quality assurance procedures and have signed NDAs.  Moreover, we apply the mother tongue principle which means that the translators always localise into their respective native language.  This is to ensure that cultural differences and the distinct linguistic nuances are conveyed idiomatically in the translation.

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